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Along a former railway section with 25 kilometre runs the Ilm-Rennsteig-Radweg from Ilmenau to Großbreitenbach or to Neustadt. It connects the Ilmtal cycle path with the Rennsteig cycle path. Via Allzunah you can close a circle route back to Ilmenau. Further information.


The Gera-Radweg is 75 kilometre long and begins at the Schmücke directly at the Rennsteig mountain range. The cycling path follows the river Gera to its mouth into the river Unstrut. Several cross-connections between the Ilmtal-Radweg and Gera-Radweg enable various circular tours. Further information. 


On the Feininger-Radweg you will have a circle haul of 28 kilometre through Weimar and the Weimarer Land region. Discover the favourite motifs of the Bauhaus artist Lyonell Feininger (1871-1956), who explored the Ilm valley on his bicycle. Further information.

Thüringer Städtekette

The cycling path Thüringer Städtekette  is 25 kilometre long and connects seven popular Thuringian towns. Enjoy a journey through the german history - from the middle ages to the modern times. Further information.


The Napoleon cycle route runs for 32 kilometre from Jena via Apolda to Bad Sulza and connects the memorial sites of Napoleons battle at Jena - Auerstedt. Various memorial stones, monuments and other sights along this way are representatives of that historical event in 1806.  Further Information.


The cycling path along the river Saale has a distance from 400 kilometre from the Fichtelgebirge to its mouth into the river Elbe. It is directly connected to the Ilmtal-Radweg at Kaatschen/ Großheringen and offers great river views, pass through shady forests as well as narrow gorges and vineyards. Further Information.


With its 30 kilometre, the mills cycling path Saale-Ilm is a connecting route between the Ilmtal-Radweg and Saaleradweg. Coming from Rudolstadt, you will cycle past historic mills via the small town of Remda to Kleinhettstedt, where you can switch to the Ilmtal-Radweg. Further information.