Text Ilm-Valley Cycling Route

Nature, history and culture: See the varying landscape of Thuringia on a cycling tour of more than 123 km length. Start at the source of the Ilm River and follow it to its flowing into the Saale River along the towns of Ilmenau, Weimar and Großheringen.
Castles, palaces, manor houses and World Heritage Sites string together and it is worthwhile to explore the places of interest and to enjoy the savoury Thuringian cuisine at your leisure.

The Ilm-Valley Cycling Route was the first to be recognised with 4 stars for being a quality cycling trail by the ADFC (German Cyclist’s Association). This means for the cyclists that they cannot only enjoy a picturesque landscape but also a high standard in terms of cycling-tracks’ trafficability, sign-posting, routeing, safety and service.