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Ilm-Rennsteig-Radweg | Stadtverwaltung Ilmenau
Icon Ilm-Rennsteig Cycle Routes

For about 20 km the Ilm-Rennsteig Cycle Route runs along the former and now disused railway line Ilmenau-Großbreitenbach and further on from the Hohen Tanne to Neustadt / Rennsteig. This makes for a comparatively soft rise from Ilmenau onto the ridge path of the Thuringian Forest. Due to its very good condition the bike path is frequented by both tourists and everyday cyclists. From Ilmenau to Langewiesen the route is identical to the Ilm-Valley Cycle Route. Next, you drive through Gehren and pass the castle ruins. Above Möhrenbach you can enjoy the magnificent view down into the valley. Coming to Hohen Tanne you have to decide whether to continue uphill on forest paths to Neustadt / Rennsteig or to explore Großbreitenbach with its museum and open air swimming pool.

Gera Cycle Route | LRA Ilm-Kreis
Icon Gera Cycle Path

The 75 km long route follows the course of the Gera River from the Rennsteig in the biosphere reserve Vessertal - Thuringian Forest to Arnstadt and Erfurt, the oldest cities in Thuringia, northwards to the Unstrut River near Gebesee. While the cultural highlights are found mainly in the cities, the charm of the scenery lies in the contrast between the densely wooded mountains of the Thuringian Forest, the mountain ranges of its foreland and the vastness of the Gera meadows behind Arnstadt. Several links between Ilm-Valley Cycle Route and Gera Cycle Route allow for numerous round trips.

Mellingen Feininger Tower | K. Kasten-Wutzler
Icon Feininger Cycle Route

The 28 km long cycle route through the Weimarer Land invites to follow in Feininger’s footsteps. The well signposted circular route is provided with attractive display stands at the individual stations, usually displaying a bright coloured copy of Feininger’s picture of that very church that you can see from where you stand. On the way you get to know his favourite motifs in the idyllic villages, that’s why: "Weimarer Land is Feininger country"! The cycle tour leads from Weimar via Niedergrunstedt, Gelmeroda, Possendorf, Vollersroda and Mellingen back to Oberweimar.

Information can be obtained in all tourist information centres
throughout the Weimarer Land or on the website.

Long Distance Cycle Route "Towns of Thuringia" | AG Radfernweg Thüringer Städtekette
Icon Long Distance Cycle Route "Towns of Thuringia"

The 225 km long cycle route Thüringer Städtekette connects seven Thuringian cities and leads through the beautiful landscape of Thuringia. This cycle path is ideal for touring cyclists who are not only interested in the natural but also in the cultural environment. As part of the D4-route it is connected to the long distance cycle routes network running throughout Germany and connects Altenburg, the Skat city in the east of Thuringia, with Eisenach, famous for its Wartburg, in the west.

Laura Cycle Route | Weimarer Land Tourismus
Icon Laura Cycle Route

With a length of 46.3 km, this cycle route links the Ilm-Valley Cycle Route near Weimar to the Unstrut Cycle Route near Sömmerda.
Numerous picnic areas along the bike path invite you to take a rest. The adventure world "tirica" in Vippachedelhausen with barbecue area also provides an opportunity to take a breather.
Interesting things can be detected in the Heichelheimer Kloßwelt, in the Ordensburg Liebstedt or in the model exhibition "Mechanika da Vinci" in Leutenthal. (translator’s remark: An Ordensburg, sometimes translated as order castle, is a fortress built by German military orders during the Middle Ages both, as military basis and monetary.)

Napoleon Cycle Path | Weimarer Land Tourismus
Icon Napoleon Cycle Path

It is now more than 200 years ago that the twin battles of 1806 took place at Jena and Auerstedt. The Napoleon cycle path offers the ideal combination of cycling and exploring history. The route, riddled with numerous memorial stones, monuments and other sights, connects the memorial sites at Jena Cospeda, Hassenhausen, Kapellendorf and Auerstedt that evoke and keep alive the memory of the battles of 1806. Elaborate panels show that there is a lot to learn about the historical events but also about the myths and legends that abound around the places that you come along on your tour. An unadulterated countryside is waiting for you and a view, that former army commanders, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, General von Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen, Field Marshal Wilhelm Ferdinand Duke of Brunswick or Marshal Louis Nicolas Davout, once had on the battlefields.

Information can be obtained in all tourist information centresthroughout the Weimarer Land or on the website.



Saale Cycle Path near castle Burgk | Tourismusverband_Rennsteig-Saaleland
Icon Saale Cycle Route

With a length of 427 km one of the most interesting cycle routes in Germany runs on the river banks of the Saale, leading the cyclist on mostly natural trails along one of the most beautiful and diverse castle and river landscapes. There is something new at every turn.
The Saale Cycle Route starts at the Großer Waidstein in the rough Bavarian Fichtelgebirge. The route here is physically particularly demanding. The river leads us through shady forests, narrow ravines and past picturesque lakes.