Stage 1

From Allzunah to Ilmenau

Due to construction work, the Ilmtal cycle path in the Freibachtal valley near Ilmenau will be rerouted until December 31, 2024. The diversion is signposted. The additional length of the route is approx. 1200 metres. Alternatively, the country road between the Meyersgrund campsite and the entrance to Stützerbach can be used.

On your first stage you can smell the vitalizing scent of the forest. From the Rennsteig, the famous hiking trail in the Thuringian Forest, you roll down the valley through the middle of the UNESCO biosphere reserve. Discover that beautifull landscape and nature, where the Ilm river is arising from 3 small headwater streams to one river. After a total of 15 km, via Allzunah, through the climatic health resort Stützerbach and Manebach, you will reach Ilmenau  - the university and Goethe city in the Thuringian Forest.
Wusstest Du schon?
Die Natur im Ilm-Kreis inspirierte nicht nur Goethe zu literarischen Höchstleistungen. Auch die hier gefundenen historischen Pflanzenfossilien sind bis heute Grundlage wissenschaftlicher Geoforschungen und wurden erstmalig in der Fachliteratur beschrieben.


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